Phormula Professional Tuning Solution

The Phormula Professional Tuning Solution combines the audio knock detection capability of the KS-Pro with the digital knock detection and functionality of the KS-4.
* Complete kit – Includes KS-Pro, KS-4, Interface Kit, sensors and cables.

£539.00 (ex VAT)

Our most powerful knock detection solution

By using the KS-Pro and KS-4 together, the Professional Tuning Solution allows professional engine tuners to listen to knock whilst remapping a high performance vehicle. The KS-4 can log knock levels via a 0-5v output to logging software, ECU or dyno. 

The KS-4 alarm warns when knock is detected. The KS-4 can remain in the vehicle after mapping to monitor knock. The KS-Pro can be plugged directly into the KS-4 at anytime when the map needs to be altered. 

The Pro Tuning Solution Includes:

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