Professional Knock
Detection Systems

Providing knock detection systems to the motorsport industry for over a decade


Phormula provide high quality engine knock detection tools to the automotive industry. Working alongside world class leaders in the field of engine tuning and mapping since 2006, we produce highly accurate and reliable aftermarket knock detection systems.
Our products are relied upon by professional tuners around the world who trust Phormula products as part of their engine tuning, remapping and rolling road tools.

Phormula products are designed in-house and we specialise in knock monitoring systems. As such, we have worked on highly diverse range of projects including extreme performance race cars, drag motorbikes, powerboats, karts, aircraft, snowmobiles and rally cars.


Phormula Professional Tuning Solution

Phormula Pro Tuning Solution

The Phormula Professional Tuning Solution is our most comprehensive engine knock detection tool. It combines the power of the KS-Pro Audio Knock Detection kit and the digital knock detection of the KS-4 together.

£539.00 (ex VAT)

Phormula KS-Pro

Designed to be the ultimate engine knock listening device. The Phormula KS-Pro provides excellent audio clarity for professional tuners. 

(Includes sensor and cables)

£269.00 (ex VAT)
Phormula KS-Pro Audio Knock Detection Tool
Phormula KS4 Knock Monitoring Tool

Phormula KS-4

The revolutionary new Phormula KS-4 is our most advanced digital engine knock monitoring system. Offering all the great functionality of the KS-3 but also a fully configurable 0-5v output and a remote alarm function allows the KS-4 to trigger a remote warning system.

(Includes sensor and cables)

£295.00 (ex VAT)

Phormula KS-3

The Phormula KS-3 is a powerful innovative engine knock detection and alert system. The KS-3 acts as a knock gauge, constantly monitoring knock levels and displaying levels via a bright LCD screen. Engine knock or detonation can destroy an engine in a matter of seconds. The KS-3 alerts the driver to unsafe knock levels.

(Includes sensor and cables)

£235.00 (ex VAT)
Phormula KS3-Knock Display

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