Professional Knock
Detection Systems

Providing knock detection systems to the motorsport industry for over a decade


Phormula KS4-Knock Detection

Phormula KS-4

The revolutionary Phormula KS-4 is our most advanced knock detection system. Offering all the great functionality of the KS-3 but also a fully configurable 0-5v output and a remote alarm function allows the KS-4 to trigger a remote warning system.

(Includes sensor and cables)

£295.00 (ex VAT)

Phormula KS-Pro

Designed to be the ultimate knock listening system. The Phormula KS-Pro provides excellent audio clarity for professional tuners. 

(Includes sensor, cables and case)

£269.00 (ex VAT)
Phormula-KS-Pro Knock Detection System
Phormula KS3-Knock Display

Phormula KS-3

The Phormula KS-3 is a powerful innovative engine knock detection and alert system. Engine knock or detonation can destroy an engine in a matter of seconds. The KS-3 alerts the driver to unsafe knock levels.

(Includes sensor and cables)

£235.00 (ex VAT)

Phormula Pro Tuning Solution

The Phormula Professional Tuning Solution combines the power of the KS-Pro and the digital detection of the KS-4 together.

This allows professional engine tuners to listen to knock whilst the KS-4 can log knock levels via a 0-5v output to your logging software, ECU or dyno. The KS-4 alarm can also be used to warn when knock is detected.

£539.00 (ex VAT)
Phormula Professional Tuning Solution

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