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Established in 2006

Phormula was born from a passion to extract the maximum performance from race engines.

We have worked with world class leaders in the field of engine tuning and mapping to produce the most accurate knock detection and monitoring systems available today.


Phormula Engine Knock

Phormula offers a consultancy service to our customers. Due to the highly configurable nature of the KS-4, we have been able to extend our product’s functionality into the monitoring of diesel engines for the onset of wear. More recently we have been involved in projects monitoring the onset of wear in large fleets of diesel engine vehicles. The KS-4 can be fully customised to monitor engines for the signs of wear and prevent complete engine failure.

Contact us with your requirements to see how we can help.  


Phormula has been involved in a raft of projects:

  • Tuning extreme performance race cars
  • Drag motorbikes
  • Powerboats
  • Karts
  • Aircraft
  • Snowmobiles.

We have also been involved in projects monitoring diesel engines for wear. The configurable settings of the KS-4 give maximum accuracy for your project.

Contact us with your requirements to see how we can help.
Phormula Ultima


“I use the Knock Analyser Pro day-in day-out and it is the best on the market. It is the perfect tuning tool. It is cost effective and the only knock detection tool with no interference from mobile phones. The carry case and rubber jacket are great at protecting the unit.”

Ryan Griffiths – Syvecs

“One company right at the cutting edge of knock detection is Phormula. Their electronic knock detection kits go a couple of steps further than merely providing you with headphones to hear knock with, they give you both a digital representation of knock levels on a compact screen and also a 0-5V output giving a representation of knock that can then be fed into an ECU or a data logger”

Total Vauxhall Magazine

“I’ve been mapping cars for 5 years with the same set of home made det cans until I purchased a Phormula KS Pro. I’ve tried a number of electronic solutions in the past but now finally my old det cans are strictly a backup solution, indeed I’ve not used them once since getting the KS Pro. With the KS Pro the sound is clear and on cars where the traditional det cans are quiet and difficult to hear, the KS Pro allows a much more accurate picture of what’s going on within the engine.”

Paul Blamire – Zen Performance


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