How to Detect Engine Knock

The Phormula KS-3, KS-4 and KS-Pro products are designed to work as stand-alone units or work with each other to detect engine knock. There are three main configurations:

Knock Monitoring Solution

The Knock Monitoring Solution uses the Phormula KS-4 or KS-3 Knock Detector as a permanent fixture within a high performance vehicle and constantly monitors the engine for signs of knock.

Mapping Solution

The Mapping Solution uses the Phormula Knock Analyser Pro (KS-Pro) audio knock detection. This is ideal for professional tuners and owners of rolling roads where temporary monitoring of knock is required. Simply attach the sensor to a vehicle prior to mapping or a dyno run. 

Professional Tuning Solution

The Professional Tuning Solution uses the Phormula Knock Analyser Pro and KS-4 together. This allows professional engine tuners to listen to knock whilst remapping a high performance vehicle.

The visual display on the KS-4 confirms knock events whilst the 0-5v output can be connected to a laptop, dyno or ECU to log the exact point in the map when knock occurs. The KS-4 can remain in the vehicle after mapping and the Knock Analyser Pro can be plugged directly into the KS-4 at anytime when the map needs to be altered.

This solution means that there is no need to remount the sensor each time or route a cable (or det phone tube) into the engine bay. Simply plug the Phormula KS-Pro into the KS-4 and switch on.

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