Choose the best knock system for you....

Novice Tuners

Just starting out? We would recommend the Phormula KS-Pro. Listening for knock is how the majority of professional tuners detect knock. 

If you want to include a visual output to help you, then choose the Phormula Pro Tuning Solution

Professional Tuners

Mapping vehicles on a daily basis and have a dyno or data logger? We would recommend the Phormula Professional Tuning Solution. This option gives you the most flexibility and knock detection coverage. 

If you just require audio to listen for knock, then the Phormula KS-Pro will allow you to listen for knock and provide the quickest set up time.

Monitoring knock on your own car

If you want to permanently install a system to monitor knock, we would recommend our Phormula KS-3 unit.

Need more features? Such as a 0-5v output for data logging or closed-loop knock control? The Phormula KS-4 unit will allow you to do this.

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