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Knock Monitoring and Detection Solutions

The KS-3, KS-4 and Knock Analyser Pro products are designed to work in conjunction with each other or as stand-alone units depending on your requirements. There are three main configurations:
  • Monitoring Solution
  • Mapping Solution
  • Professional Tuning Solution

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Monitoring Solution
The Monitoring Solution uses the KS-3 or KS-4 Knock Detector as a permanent fixture within a high performance vehicle. The main unit will constantly monitor the engine for signs of knock.


Mapping Solution
The Mapping Solution uses the Knock Analyser Pro. Simply attach the sensor to a vehicle prior to mapping or a dyno run. This is ideal for professional tuners and owners of rolling roads where temporary monitoring of knock is required.


Professional Tuning Solution
The Professional Tuning Solution uses the Knock Analyser Pro and KS-4 together. This allows professional engine tuners to listen to knock whilst remapping a high performance vehicle. The visual display on the KS-4 can confirm knock events whilst the 0-5v output can be connected to a laptop, dyno or ecu to log the exact point in the map when knock occurs. The KS-4 can remain in the vehicle after mapping and the Knock Analyser Pro can be plugged directly into the KS-4 at anytime when the map needs to be altered. This soution obviously means that there is no need to remount the sensor each time or route a cable (or det phone tube) into the engine bay. Simply plug the Knock Analyser Pro into the KS-4 and switch on.



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